Welcome to my second favorite section... This section was done to add some of my exclusive shots. :) I hope you're gonna like 'em, for they are my fav.. well most of them are pics of food...

Click on the thumbnails below in order to see them in larger views...

    Juice.. 4everfriends BurjAlArab Breakfast Mobile cerelac Caramela Dubai

    Sea Yum EGG Flower Yum Child Necklace Fish

    Strawberry Ice-Cweam Spectating TREAD ON U I'll always remember  evergreen Bonn Burj-Al-Arab

    yummy Heart Reem Reemi Balloons Dubai Scene San Francisco Cups  

    Dubai  Candle Miwicle's Socks .. Your eyes Princess of the desert ChildhOod-Memo You don't deserve 2 be loved ORANGE